Thursday, February 23, 2012

Third Semester

3rd semester is now, So more and more works are lining up. Academic wise, I am satisfied with my lecture so far, even I had a very euww moment while explaining human foetal development, pregnancy and all to the class. But I managed to pull a straight face while doing it.

My students did fairly well for their 2nd semester especially for biology. I am cheering they up, since some of them quite upset for not getting 4.0. The official result is not out yet. Soon. But I am proud of my students, all of them.

Admin jobs are tiring but I really enjoy it. We do marketing! This is something new to me. A very valuable learning process.

With Open Day on 29th Feb and 2d1n Academic and Admin workshop on first week of March, I need to work hard and pray even harder.

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