Monday, April 30, 2012


3rd semester,
Everyone is busy  super busy. My students are working very hard to write up their lab reports. One done, another comes. Me and the rest of the team are also busy preparing for the new intake, marking the lab reports, preparing questions for final exam, fill in the excel sheet for assessment and of course, admin job.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Third Semester

3rd semester is now, So more and more works are lining up. Academic wise, I am satisfied with my lecture so far, even I had a very euww moment while explaining human foetal development, pregnancy and all to the class. But I managed to pull a straight face while doing it.

My students did fairly well for their 2nd semester especially for biology. I am cheering they up, since some of them quite upset for not getting 4.0. The official result is not out yet. Soon. But I am proud of my students, all of them.

Admin jobs are tiring but I really enjoy it. We do marketing! This is something new to me. A very valuable learning process.

With Open Day on 29th Feb and 2d1n Academic and Admin workshop on first week of March, I need to work hard and pray even harder.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Physics with Fadzil

I teach biology (duh~). But sometimes, I am interested in physics. Of course not everything in physics ignite my interest, so there is no chance I will pick up Quantum Physics book or auditing for Fluid Mechanics paper.

Particularly, I read about Thermodynamics, as it is something I can relate to evolution theory. Just now I watched video about Einstein. And I think why not read a word or two about Theory of Relativity.

I didnt know at this age, physics would be included in my reading. Well, not too late for that I guess.