Thursday, July 28, 2011

theory of evolution

I am doing presentation slides for next lecture, Theory of Evolution. Oh my... it just too many. I try to strip it down so it is much easier for the students to understand the basic concept of evolution. I do include Lamarckism and Neo Darwinian. I do hope the students will work harder to understand this chapter. As this is the most important theory in biology and in science.

I always believe there are two things in science, one is Big Bang Theory, and another is Theory of Evolution. I do consider my self as Neo Darwinian follower according to my own sense. I do believe in Creation and Evolution. Some people (if not many) tend to distinguish themselves as a creationist or evolutionist. Somehow somewhere there are disagreements between two parties. But I do believe, Evolution happens. Because God allows it to happen.

P/s: while I am typing this my students come to discuss about identification keys construction. I like when they put extra effort to study biology.

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