Thursday, July 28, 2011

theory of evolution

I am doing presentation slides for next lecture, Theory of Evolution. Oh my... it just too many. I try to strip it down so it is much easier for the students to understand the basic concept of evolution. I do include Lamarckism and Neo Darwinian. I do hope the students will work harder to understand this chapter. As this is the most important theory in biology and in science.

I always believe there are two things in science, one is Big Bang Theory, and another is Theory of Evolution. I do consider my self as Neo Darwinian follower according to my own sense. I do believe in Creation and Evolution. Some people (if not many) tend to distinguish themselves as a creationist or evolutionist. Somehow somewhere there are disagreements between two parties. But I do believe, Evolution happens. Because God allows it to happen.

P/s: while I am typing this my students come to discuss about identification keys construction. I like when they put extra effort to study biology.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Giving lecture

We are now in the second half of the semester. The student had done their mid semester exam. Overall, they did well. Now I shift from handling practical classes to giving lecture. I've done lecture on Taxonomy, earlier this morning half chapter of Biodiversity.

Students said the Biodiversity chapter is just too long, too many to read, up to 80 pages of notes. Yes, Biodiversity is about everything under the sun, running on the land, crawling into the river, swimming in the sea, flying in the sky, 80 pages of notes are not sufficient enough to learn about all those. You need to read more, step outside your classroom and start observing the nature.

I caught some of them fell asleep during the lecture, as expected. I was a student, I understand the boredom that the Biodiversity could induce. Now, I am trying to coach students to blend the knowledge they have acquired in Taxonomy lecture with what they have learned in Biodiversity.

I try to accommodate whatever they need to study and learn about taxonomy and biodiversity. I chunk the notes into smaller part, so they can understand better. I list down all important terminology and definition, so it is much easier for them to remember what they have read. I give extra questions, so they can discuss issues among them.

I'm learning too. I read more about evolution now more than I ever did during my days as a student. I just need to put all those information, deliver my best so I can share all these with the audience of mine, the students.