Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time to get busy

1. I've been busy this week, beside my regular work, I help our admin team to get things done before the new batch 0f students come to join us next week. Personally I feel great, beside helping them, I can also learn a thing or two about others. The admin people are great, they are hardworking and very busy, but they are willing to share and of course help me a lot whenever I request them to.

2. I read taxonomy again, after long hiatus, which is great!. I need to refresh since I am doing lecture notes on that subject. The feeling never change, I still like taxonomy just like before. Cannot wait to share and discuss this subject with my students.

3. I have sent my registration form to the organizer of a seminar that I would like to attend. The seminar will be held in Indonesia on July. So now I am waiting for the reply before I can proceed to apply for a release from my department.

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