Monday, May 30, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time to get busy

1. I've been busy this week, beside my regular work, I help our admin team to get things done before the new batch 0f students come to join us next week. Personally I feel great, beside helping them, I can also learn a thing or two about others. The admin people are great, they are hardworking and very busy, but they are willing to share and of course help me a lot whenever I request them to.

2. I read taxonomy again, after long hiatus, which is great!. I need to refresh since I am doing lecture notes on that subject. The feeling never change, I still like taxonomy just like before. Cannot wait to share and discuss this subject with my students.

3. I have sent my registration form to the organizer of a seminar that I would like to attend. The seminar will be held in Indonesia on July. So now I am waiting for the reply before I can proceed to apply for a release from my department.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Goodbye and Welcome

1. I finished my practical class last week. It was the finale of 2010/2011 batch. Wish them all the best.

2. Also done assessment for practical class, although there are still students' files on my desk, waiting to be checked. I'll finish them later today.

3. Welcoming new 2011/2012 batch. Loaded with student's affair works. But it is ok, my department will try our best to accommodate and entertain our new kids. And at the same time try to keep our eyes on our current batch, as they will sit for their final at the same week. Although some duties are quite foreign to me, but I take them as learning process. Anything for the department now because we have to fully utilized the men power to get things done on time. So you may see me running to photocopy machine, stapling papers, arranging goodies bags, entertain parents, and preparing presentation slides using my phone.

4. I have to attend another course next week. Yes, the schedule is crowded and overlapped. I'll figure it out.

5. Expect to work until extra hours next week.