Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Three new records

I have found three new records on Sabah moss flora, but I think I shall not reveal the species names until the paper is officially published (embargo?).

Species 1

But I feel good about one particular species, because the very first time I observed the species, I got the species' name like instantly right. But since I am not an expert of that particular genus, therefore I must consult the expert and I have.

Once, there was a chance for it to be declared as a new species to science. But the expert concluded it is not, it is a species that previously recorded in Philippine and Sarawak (twice). This is the 3rd record of it in Borneo.

Of course it would be more joyful for me if the species is something new to science. But the feeling of got the species' name right at the first time you observed it (I never observed that particular species before and I am not familiar with the genus), I tell you, it was great. I felt satisfaction, at least at certain extend.

Species 2

Another new record that also gave me a good feeling. The species is hardly mistaken for another member of the same genus, since it has very peculiar leaf morphology. I am familiar with this genus. So I guess, it wasn't that hard.

Species 3

The third record is a species with special physical appearance. Its morphology is so fierce and bold. There is time when I think its unique image deserves to be inked on a skin. Not mine of course.

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