Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seminar, talk, paper

I have sent my reply to an invitation for a scientific seminar. I will attend the seminar only as a participant, even though I am a co author. Initially my data wont be included in the paper. But Allah SWT lebih maha mengetahui, earlier this morning I received an email to notify me the title of the paper and my name is included. Alhamdulilah.

Frankly, I was upset when my data was rejected (tipu lah kalau tidak upset). My senior colleague told me just be patience if God willing, everything will be put on my way. I was trying very hard to not show my disappointment in front of him, but failed.

My third "baby" is already submitted, within 2 months or so the committee will give their response, well hopefully.

The third is coming, the forth, we can say is in the making. Err.. may be I speak too soon. Whatever it is I welcome "babies". And also I received another invitation to give a talk. I don't think I ready for that.

As for my practical class, I stick to the schedule.

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