Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Flower in bloom

Kemboja tree that grows in the lawn near the Mathematics lab is blooming. I saw it on my way to office this morning. It is beautiful I must say. First I was confused, either it is Cempaka or Kemboja or may be even Kenanga. It is white in colour, so that rules out Kenanga. After some moments (and with help from Google), I sure it is Kemboja.

Why so fuzzy about the silent old (but beautiful) white Kemboja? Because on 22nd, me and the rest of class will observe the reproductive structure of flowering plants. Tapak Kuda, Bunga Raya, and Bunga Butang are already listed as materials needed. I add few more, like Janda Kaya (for some reason I like this flower because its "fleshy" petals), Orchids, and Kemboja.

Cannot wait to share these beautiful flowers with my students.

P/s: When I was 18 I hated botany so much. Now I am teaching botany to a bunch of 18 years old. Karma? haha.


  1. plumeria!

    cempaka kecik seja bunganya, and kenanga bunganya 'kurus2' but curly sket..if i'm not mistaken..hehe

  2. ya, Plumeria sp. Cempaka is much smaller but the same white petals do confuse me. Kenanga selalu kalau dilaman mesti warna kuning.