Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Other than Calymperaceae and Leucobryaceae, relatively, I don't really know the rest of moss families. Of course I know the monotypic Fissidentaceae, few popular members of Hookeriaceae, one or two Daltoniacae, and Hypnodendracae.

Earlier today I went to the lab, after quite awhile, to examine my specimens from previous Scientific Expedition. As I said above, I am familiar with Calymperacae, so I did identify two packets of specimen that belong to Calymperes genus.

What made my day would be one packet that contains Aerobryopsis from Meterioaceae. I was surprised, I still recognized the species. To be fair, Meterioaceae is quite friendly family, with co-operating size.

There are only 2 species of Aerobryopsis recorded in Sabah. So, I guess I got it right.

Identification task always has disappointing side, and today is no exception. I have observed few packets that containing similar species, I won't say they are the same, but similar enough to my eyes. I think those species belong to Pottiaceae or Orthotrichaceae. How I wish I have someone to talk to about this.

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