Sunday, January 23, 2011


Apart from running practical classes, I like giving my students take home quiz as their extra homework. Some of them dont really like my quiz, because they have to write about a page long essay over the weekend, every week.

I dont like give straight forward questions, because they can find such questions in text books or internet. I prefer slightly twisted questions. Since I like movies and also novels, my questions for them are usually based on the story from the movie or novel that I like.

For example, I wanted them to understand about negative feedback mechanism from Homeostasis chapter. I extracted a big chunk of story from Alive (movie), and then 'forced' my students to relate the difficulties faced by those movie characters with what they have learned in their Homeostasis lecture. When I wanted my kids to understand about allergic reaction, I presented to them a question that was based on a tear jerker movie, My Girl.

I like it this way, and hopefully my students like it too. This is how I share my personal interests with them.


  1. boleh aku jadi guest writer dlm blog ni? hehehehehe aku pun tau bio... bionic woman...

  2. boleh.. ni tajuk untuk penulis.
    "how to investigate species composition and changes along altitudinal gradient by using biomarker technique"

  3. welcome to nerakha dunia tu GC machine bilang

  4. biomarker tu jenama pentalpen ka??