Monday, January 24, 2011

Planning practicals

I am planning a practical for bacteria growth, and trying to simplify the whole experiment so everyone can be happy.

Running practical class under limitation is simply hard. I need to ensure my practical class is sufficient for my students but I shall make it easier than B. Sc. level. Beside, I must minimize the cost. For example, for dissection class, I was provided with 7 mice for 30+ students although I asked for at least 17 mice. Because we need to cut the cost.

So far, I managed to minimize cost of 2 practicals. Without jeopardizing the quality of the class (I hope). For bacteria growth practical, honestly I am a bit worry, since I need to use big equipments which are already crowded with both bachelor and graduate students. And I know those people are busy enough and shall not be disturb.

Luckily my colleague is willing to help me preparing for the lab. She already helped me simplify the method, makes it easier for the kids to understand.

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