Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am back

I am back.

I'll have a lab session at 2 pm today, students will dissect small mammal to study the anatomy. I bet they will like it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


1. I had done giving lecture on Photosynthesis. I didnt know I could actually teach plant physiology. Plant physiology is not my forte. But, still... I did it. I have also posted a brief note about Respiration on learning portal. Hopefully my students can read and benefited from my note.

2. This week my students are very busy, first they have to sit for MUET oral exam, later off to BTN course, guess where? My hometown!. Plan to visit them later tomorrow.

3. I will take a very long leave starting next week until first week of December. Hopefully during my absence everything will be taken care of and all good here back at home, especially my students. I will off to Arab Saudi on 28 October via Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Everytime I try to get out, they keep pulling me back in.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am glad to announce my latest paper was accepted on 28 August 2011. Alhamdulilah, must be the rezeki of holy Ramadhan.

This is my third full paper. My first publication (2009) is in Bahasa Malaysia, which was published as a chapter in book (to date I have not read it yet). It was a product of my final year project for B. Sc. My second paper (2010) was a product of 2 weeks work in West Java, Indonesia. The latest is my M. Sc. dissertation (2011). One publication per year, I hope I'll publish more in future.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exam, Lecture, and Journal

1. I've done the correction for final exam question. But I need to proofread and polish it a bit before submitting to the admin for printing. The questions are ready, I dont know about my students. Hopefully they are.

2. Finished my lecture, very simple and general lecture on ecology and ecosystem. Wish I have more time with students to discuss about ecology. Me myself is not a fan of ecological study, but I begin to have interest on it.

3. The reviewed paper of mine was emailed to me, and I need to do some correction in order to get it published.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lecture and Observation

Next week lecture will focus on Ecosystem ecology. I have already prepared the lecture notes and posted it on the portal. This will be the final lecture for this semester. My teaching method will be observed by my superior, wish me all the best and qualify to obtain the licence to teach!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

theory of evolution

I am doing presentation slides for next lecture, Theory of Evolution. Oh my... it just too many. I try to strip it down so it is much easier for the students to understand the basic concept of evolution. I do include Lamarckism and Neo Darwinian. I do hope the students will work harder to understand this chapter. As this is the most important theory in biology and in science.

I always believe there are two things in science, one is Big Bang Theory, and another is Theory of Evolution. I do consider my self as Neo Darwinian follower according to my own sense. I do believe in Creation and Evolution. Some people (if not many) tend to distinguish themselves as a creationist or evolutionist. Somehow somewhere there are disagreements between two parties. But I do believe, Evolution happens. Because God allows it to happen.

P/s: while I am typing this my students come to discuss about identification keys construction. I like when they put extra effort to study biology.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Giving lecture

We are now in the second half of the semester. The student had done their mid semester exam. Overall, they did well. Now I shift from handling practical classes to giving lecture. I've done lecture on Taxonomy, earlier this morning half chapter of Biodiversity.

Students said the Biodiversity chapter is just too long, too many to read, up to 80 pages of notes. Yes, Biodiversity is about everything under the sun, running on the land, crawling into the river, swimming in the sea, flying in the sky, 80 pages of notes are not sufficient enough to learn about all those. You need to read more, step outside your classroom and start observing the nature.

I caught some of them fell asleep during the lecture, as expected. I was a student, I understand the boredom that the Biodiversity could induce. Now, I am trying to coach students to blend the knowledge they have acquired in Taxonomy lecture with what they have learned in Biodiversity.

I try to accommodate whatever they need to study and learn about taxonomy and biodiversity. I chunk the notes into smaller part, so they can understand better. I list down all important terminology and definition, so it is much easier for them to remember what they have read. I give extra questions, so they can discuss issues among them.

I'm learning too. I read more about evolution now more than I ever did during my days as a student. I just need to put all those information, deliver my best so I can share all these with the audience of mine, the students.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another day away from my students

1. For this semester I handle 1 tutorial class and 2 practicals. Double up workloads compare to last session.

2. So far everything is fine. The students are participating in the discussion, commit to whatever tasks that have assigned to them. I postpone practical classes this week because I have compulsory course to attend for two weeks.

3. I have already distributed practical manual to the students. Hopefully they are satisfied with the contents given.

4. Attending one course after another is tiring. I prefer discussing about cells or sharing story of evolution of whale with my students than attending all these courses

5. My students are always on the top of my priority (at work). The fact that I have to "neglect" them for two weeks makes me feel bad. Really bad.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time to get busy

1. I've been busy this week, beside my regular work, I help our admin team to get things done before the new batch 0f students come to join us next week. Personally I feel great, beside helping them, I can also learn a thing or two about others. The admin people are great, they are hardworking and very busy, but they are willing to share and of course help me a lot whenever I request them to.

2. I read taxonomy again, after long hiatus, which is great!. I need to refresh since I am doing lecture notes on that subject. The feeling never change, I still like taxonomy just like before. Cannot wait to share and discuss this subject with my students.

3. I have sent my registration form to the organizer of a seminar that I would like to attend. The seminar will be held in Indonesia on July. So now I am waiting for the reply before I can proceed to apply for a release from my department.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Goodbye and Welcome

1. I finished my practical class last week. It was the finale of 2010/2011 batch. Wish them all the best.

2. Also done assessment for practical class, although there are still students' files on my desk, waiting to be checked. I'll finish them later today.

3. Welcoming new 2011/2012 batch. Loaded with student's affair works. But it is ok, my department will try our best to accommodate and entertain our new kids. And at the same time try to keep our eyes on our current batch, as they will sit for their final at the same week. Although some duties are quite foreign to me, but I take them as learning process. Anything for the department now because we have to fully utilized the men power to get things done on time. So you may see me running to photocopy machine, stapling papers, arranging goodies bags, entertain parents, and preparing presentation slides using my phone.

4. I have to attend another course next week. Yes, the schedule is crowded and overlapped. I'll figure it out.

5. Expect to work until extra hours next week.

Friday, April 22, 2011

To my students

My students are in the middle of making decision on what they want to study for their bachelor degree. Although I cant prove mathematically, but I strongly believe most of them are deciding based on post graduation career prospective. Other than that, some decisions may be made under heavy influence of parents' expectation.

I feel sorry for those kids, who somewhat feel the burden of being future graduand. Whatever their decision will be, there are two things I hope they wont forget; first, be happy and second, be a good person who benefits others.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Field Trip

Yes, I'll be out of office again next week from 11-13 April. This time I am going east. The last time I went there when I was 7, to Tawau. I vividly remember the commentator's voice for Barcelona 1992, Olympic Games while waited for flight to Tawau.

I wonder whether I can handle 34 hormonal 18 years olds for 3 days and 2 nights? For now, let's rest in the comfort of a cliche; hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

4th Practical

Done with 4th practical for this semester. The students were investigating inheritance of blood groups. 60% of the class have O blood, and they compared the data obtained in the experiment with Malaysian data.

In discussion I focused more on population genetics rather than inheritance of co-dominant alleles, since I think they have already learned and understand about the latter.

I think by this time the students know how to write their discussion, just they need more practice to 'bridge' the result obtained in class with the theory and making comparison with other data. They pretty much understand how to make conclusion. I also include err... may be pseudo experimental design, just want to give a little exposure on how scientific experiment is done. A little touch of statistics, and I encourage them to think how to modify the method if necessary.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tuesday with Fadzil

Today my students will learn more about Mendelian Genetics. In today practical session, they will investigate the patterns of monohybrid inheritence. Let's toss a coin or two!


p/s: Can you imagine what would happen to Genetics Science today, if Mendel choose to use other plant instead of green pea.

Image from google.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Gov. Servant

Being one, I must attend quite few compulsory courses, which require me to fill up stake of forms. I've done with 4, both online and manual. Another 3 or 4 are waiting. And today is already thursday!. Yes, this week I am swarmed with forms, while my free spirited students are enjoying their mid semester break.

I am not good with this. But well, I am learning.

I have sent the outline or initial overview of my research idea to be reviewed by peer. Hopefully it will get good constructive comments for improvement. The research idea is at its early infancy, and needs serious jolt for improvement.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mid Semester Break

My students are enjoying their mid semester break. I am enjoying it too from my office. Need to read a word or two about Mendelian genetics, refreshing those theories and facts, and also polishing my hypothetical result for next practical class.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Out of Office

I'll be out of office from 7th - 15th March 2011 (That long?)

7th-9th March - North Bound
10th-11th March - South Bound
14th - 15th March - Kota Kinabalu (the city)

Hence, my kids will enjoy 2 weeks without my class (and my yell).

Enjoy kids, be good and wish you all the best in your up coming mid term exam.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2nd practical

My second practical was done without much hassle. Although lack of equipments, we managed to pull it off. The experiment about microbial growth will be carried out for 24 to 48 hours, since they need to observe the cells growth.

Next class need to be postponed because I'll be working out of office from 7 until 15 March. Nah.. that's quite a while right?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

first practical

Done my first practical today. It was exhausting. Very. Since those kids havent learn about plant reproduction in their lecture, so it was a bit hard for them. i guess it was a good session.                                i gave them homework that requires them to write an essay about relationship between plant and its pollinator. hopefully they can submit their script by next tuesday.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seminar, talk, paper

I have sent my reply to an invitation for a scientific seminar. I will attend the seminar only as a participant, even though I am a co author. Initially my data wont be included in the paper. But Allah SWT lebih maha mengetahui, earlier this morning I received an email to notify me the title of the paper and my name is included. Alhamdulilah.

Frankly, I was upset when my data was rejected (tipu lah kalau tidak upset). My senior colleague told me just be patience if God willing, everything will be put on my way. I was trying very hard to not show my disappointment in front of him, but failed.

My third "baby" is already submitted, within 2 months or so the committee will give their response, well hopefully.

The third is coming, the forth, we can say is in the making. Err.. may be I speak too soon. Whatever it is I welcome "babies". And also I received another invitation to give a talk. I don't think I ready for that.

As for my practical class, I stick to the schedule.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Other than Calymperaceae and Leucobryaceae, relatively, I don't really know the rest of moss families. Of course I know the monotypic Fissidentaceae, few popular members of Hookeriaceae, one or two Daltoniacae, and Hypnodendracae.

Earlier today I went to the lab, after quite awhile, to examine my specimens from previous Scientific Expedition. As I said above, I am familiar with Calymperacae, so I did identify two packets of specimen that belong to Calymperes genus.

What made my day would be one packet that contains Aerobryopsis from Meterioaceae. I was surprised, I still recognized the species. To be fair, Meterioaceae is quite friendly family, with co-operating size.

There are only 2 species of Aerobryopsis recorded in Sabah. So, I guess I got it right.

Identification task always has disappointing side, and today is no exception. I have observed few packets that containing similar species, I won't say they are the same, but similar enough to my eyes. I think those species belong to Pottiaceae or Orthotrichaceae. How I wish I have someone to talk to about this.

Flower in bloom

Kemboja tree that grows in the lawn near the Mathematics lab is blooming. I saw it on my way to office this morning. It is beautiful I must say. First I was confused, either it is Cempaka or Kemboja or may be even Kenanga. It is white in colour, so that rules out Kenanga. After some moments (and with help from Google), I sure it is Kemboja.

Why so fuzzy about the silent old (but beautiful) white Kemboja? Because on 22nd, me and the rest of class will observe the reproductive structure of flowering plants. Tapak Kuda, Bunga Raya, and Bunga Butang are already listed as materials needed. I add few more, like Janda Kaya (for some reason I like this flower because its "fleshy" petals), Orchids, and Kemboja.

Cannot wait to share these beautiful flowers with my students.

P/s: When I was 18 I hated botany so much. Now I am teaching botany to a bunch of 18 years old. Karma? haha.

Three new records

I have found three new records on Sabah moss flora, but I think I shall not reveal the species names until the paper is officially published (embargo?).

Species 1

But I feel good about one particular species, because the very first time I observed the species, I got the species' name like instantly right. But since I am not an expert of that particular genus, therefore I must consult the expert and I have.

Once, there was a chance for it to be declared as a new species to science. But the expert concluded it is not, it is a species that previously recorded in Philippine and Sarawak (twice). This is the 3rd record of it in Borneo.

Of course it would be more joyful for me if the species is something new to science. But the feeling of got the species' name right at the first time you observed it (I never observed that particular species before and I am not familiar with the genus), I tell you, it was great. I felt satisfaction, at least at certain extend.

Species 2

Another new record that also gave me a good feeling. The species is hardly mistaken for another member of the same genus, since it has very peculiar leaf morphology. I am familiar with this genus. So I guess, it wasn't that hard.

Species 3

The third record is a species with special physical appearance. Its morphology is so fierce and bold. There is time when I think its unique image deserves to be inked on a skin. Not mine of course.

Monday, January 31, 2011

The making of 3rd paper.

Just finished writing a draft for my third paper. It is actually my M. Sc. dissertation project. Finally after 2 ++ years.

Nothing much to share, it is just a simple publication. Hopefully, get approval from editors. May be it takes another 2-3 months. But it's ok. As long as it is published.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A taxonomic revision paper

I just received an email containing attachment of taxonomic revision paper. This paper is wrote by a Japanese bryologist.

The work is amazing. I must say. I just go through (scrolling) the 77 pages long article, and I impress with the presentation, especially the photos and the drawings. Which are done with special attention to show all important details.

Microscopic photography is fascinating, wish I can learn more about it and how I hope someday I can produce a paper up to this level.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Planning practicals

I am planning a practical for bacteria growth, and trying to simplify the whole experiment so everyone can be happy.

Running practical class under limitation is simply hard. I need to ensure my practical class is sufficient for my students but I shall make it easier than B. Sc. level. Beside, I must minimize the cost. For example, for dissection class, I was provided with 7 mice for 30+ students although I asked for at least 17 mice. Because we need to cut the cost.

So far, I managed to minimize cost of 2 practicals. Without jeopardizing the quality of the class (I hope). For bacteria growth practical, honestly I am a bit worry, since I need to use big equipments which are already crowded with both bachelor and graduate students. And I know those people are busy enough and shall not be disturb.

Luckily my colleague is willing to help me preparing for the lab. She already helped me simplify the method, makes it easier for the kids to understand.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Apart from running practical classes, I like giving my students take home quiz as their extra homework. Some of them dont really like my quiz, because they have to write about a page long essay over the weekend, every week.

I dont like give straight forward questions, because they can find such questions in text books or internet. I prefer slightly twisted questions. Since I like movies and also novels, my questions for them are usually based on the story from the movie or novel that I like.

For example, I wanted them to understand about negative feedback mechanism from Homeostasis chapter. I extracted a big chunk of story from Alive (movie), and then 'forced' my students to relate the difficulties faced by those movie characters with what they have learned in their Homeostasis lecture. When I wanted my kids to understand about allergic reaction, I presented to them a question that was based on a tear jerker movie, My Girl.

I like it this way, and hopefully my students like it too. This is how I share my personal interests with them.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Semester 3 2010/2011

Practical class

1. Reproductive structure of angiosperms
2. Culture and Growth: E. Coli
3. Mendelian genetics
4. Blood test (Population genetics)
5. HW experiments (using PTC paper)
6. Study visit to research centers.